Blessed Be God, Even in Times of Stress

Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

My brain is officially on overload this morning.

There is too much–way too much–that has to happen before I leave tomorrow morning to help Elizabeth pack her dorm room for the last time. She graduates on Friday.

As I write to-do lists for each child (and my spouse), and check off item after item on my own endless list, I have to stop myself when I feel frenzy starting to creep into my soul.

“Blessed be God,” I say, reminding myself that my lists are neither the Alpha nor the Omega.

I tackle the next task, and the next, and soon paralysis sets in again.

“Blessed be his holy name,” I say, to recall that this isn’t all about me.

I move on to the next job, and the next, and the next, and eventually begin to feel stressed again.

“Blessed be Jesus Christ,” I say, forcibly turning my heart in a better direction.  

Eventually it starts to dawn on me that stress has a positive side–if I use it as a signal that it’s time to make contact with God. And slowly, task by task and prayer by prayer, I make progress.