Encourage and Pray for Our Soldiers

Prayer blogger Peola Hicks

The apostles called him Barnabas (which means “one who encourages”). (Acts 4:36B)

Encouragement comes in many forms. When someone is feeling lonely, depressed and unappreciated, their heart can be lifted with a smile, a compliment or a good deed. We sometimes assume that because people look OK on the outside, they do not need to be encouraged. This is especially true for men and women serving in the military.

When soldiers leave their families to serve in the military, they often come home after a long deployment and feel that their sacrifice did not mean anything. I recently talked to the wife of an Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War who told me that her husband felt deeply discouraged when he returned home. He could have benefitted from a simple, “Thank you.”

There are days set aside to honor and remember our soldiers and veterans, but wouldn’t it be great if all of us who know someone who has served could offer a word of encouragement? Simply saying, "Thank you," or "I am praying for you and your family" or "Welcome home, we missed you" could make a difference.

Prayer Point: I want to invite you to be an encouragement to someone you know who has served in the military. Let them know that you appreciate them and you are praying for them. Join us for our Day of Prayer for the Military on May 28, 2014. I believe it will lift their spirits and bring the joy that comes from the encouragement of prayer.

God bless you!