Focus on What Matters

Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, because we’ve decided to sell our apartment.

I’ve been plastering and painting like mad. We’ve purged closets, grouted tile, scrubbed kitchen shelves. This morning the number of things still on my to-do list felt astronomical.

I sat down with a cup of coffee to think things through. Almost automatically I prayed, Lord, be with me through all this. Then, as my mind wandered back to what task to do next, I wondered if I’d prayed the wrong prayer. The issue wasn’t that I needed God with me–he’s always there–but that my busy-ness threatened to pull my focus away from him.

I wrenched my thoughts off of my to-do list and refocused on prayer. Lord, I asked, Help me to stay attentive to you through all of this. It’s just work... and you are my king.