Getting My Heart Ready for Easter

Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

Last year during Lent I got rid of a bag of stuff a day. It was a terrific and simple discipline: I had to think through what I didn’t need, figure out who did need it, pack it up, and get it out of the house.

By the end of a few weeks I’d cleared out a huge amount. More to the point, I was amazed at how much space opened up in my mind and spirit with a bit of physical de-cluttering.

This year I’ve given up playing games on the computer. Suddenly there is time to do things I thought couldn’t be done, and attention to give to others. It turns out that what I’d thought of as downtime was actually pulling me down. Without the seduction of mindless entertainment, I have to use my mind more. I read more, write more and have started a number of home-improvement projects. Hopefully, once I get more accustomed to using my time wisely, I will be praying more, too.

Getting one’s heart ready for Easter requires sacrificing a few worldly desires. It’s work, but surprisingly refreshing. Will you share the work you’re doing to prepare for Easter? It might just help someone else.