Growing in Faith This Easter

Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

This morning I went over to church to learn how to set up the flowers for Easter Sunday. The woman who normally takes care of that has a granddaughter in the national volleyball championship this weekend, and it seemed like a little thing I could do to help out.

“I usually set them up here and here,” Sharon said, pointing. Then she lowered her voice and added, “Then someone doesn’t like it, so I move things around.”

I laughed. Isn’t that the way it is when you volunteer? “Don’t worry,” I told her, “I know how that goes. You do it the first time so that someone can tell you how to do it right the second time!”

Sharon nodded and grinned.

I do like things to look nice, but I know I can’t–and shouldn’t attempt to–create the perfect setting for Easter services. One thing the resurrection teaches us is that our faith experience isn’t about having just the right hymns and just the right décor and just the right sermon. How we grow in faith is entirely dependent upon being open to God. He’s there if we are. The Lord is risen, and whether we like or loathe the flower arrangements doesn’t matter a whit.

It’s a thought to bring with you to church this Sunday: In the face of the resurrection, none of what you don’t like is important. The perfection has already happened, and nothing you do can change that.