Still Biking at 103

Octavio Orduño may be the oldest cyclist in the nation.

He is 103, lives in Los Angeles, and loves keeping busy and physically fit.

When Octavio was 100, his wife Alicia asked him to get off the bicycle when they found his eyesight wasn't so good. The state even took away his driver's license because of this.

So now he rides a large tricycle!

Alicia is happy that he's still cycling, even though sometimes he comes home scraped up from falls. But he always gets right back on his tricycle as if nothing happened!

"It keeps me going," he says. "And it's better than sitting in the den all day watching cars go by."

Octavio is a perfect model for healthy, active living. I know I am inspired to get on my bicycle more, even if I get scraped up now and again!