The 111-Year-Old Girl Scout

Milly England is the oldest living Girl Scout, and also one of the first!

She turned 111 on May 15, making her one of the oldest people in the world.

Milly, who lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is very alert, has a wonderful sense of humor and loves telling stories, as her memory is still fantastic!

"My father paid a man to knock on our window with a stick early in the morning to wake him up for work,” she recalls. “We had no alarm clocks then."

And instead of refrigerators, "We had a box made of wood that was lined with tin. The top opened up and a man would put a big piece of ice inside. It cooled off the stuff in the bottom. We kids used to love to suck on the little chips of ice that fell off the truck."

She joined the Girl Scouts in 1914, two years after the group was started, and she remembers meeting the Girl Scouts’ founder, Juliette Low. Milly says that her troop met at St. Andrew's Church in New Bedford and that they stitched together their own uniforms.

"I'm still a Girl Scout," she says proudly. "I'll never quit Girl Scouting."