The Heavenly Company of Angels

Cover of the book Heavenly Company, with a hand reaching for a door handle

You’ve probably heard of Cecil Murphey and his bestselling book 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Now Cecil and coauthor Twila Belk have put together a wonderful collection of true angel accounts from around the world.

In Heavenly Company, you’ll travel to Texas, to Russia, to Africa, and read about real-life encounters with God’s heavenly angels and the earth angels who appear out of nowhere in a time of need.

You’ll meet guardian angels, protector angels, warning angels and comforting angels, as well as mysterious strangers whose help makes all the difference. These are remarkable stories by real people who were touched by angels—briefly, or in life-changing ways.

Heavenly wonders are happening all around us, near and far. We don’t have space in our bimonthly Angels on Earth to fit them all, so thank heavens for collections like Heavenly Company.

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