Visit Angels Around the World

A blue and white tile angel from Portugal

I felt like doing a bit of traveling this morning, so I decided to spend some time with Angels Around the World.

Portugal, Germany, Spain–I’d forgotten what heavenly angels we’d found in these countries. Beautiful artwork and points of historic interest are what we look for in these quick trips abroad.

Of course we also love to feature our own angels of the United States. You’ll see that we’ve already visited Philadelphia, and we’ve got a trip to Los Angeles in the works.

Should your hometown be featured here, or in Angels on Earth magazine? Are there hidden angels tucked away in your area that you’d like the world to see? Please let us know! Send photos if you can, but a description and exact location of the angel will be enough to get us interested in the journey.

Meantime, we invite you to enjoy these places we loved. You’ll want to return often.