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Birds flying across the sun
Inspiring Stories

What Do You See When You Pray?

One painter depicts his inner imagery when praying Psalm 90.

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Listening to God
How to Pray

What Tone of Voice Do You Hear from God?

It pays to listen carefully because it’s easy to misconstrue.

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Teen talking to mom
Life Advice

Why Saying ‘Anxiety Is Normal’ Can Help Us Heal

Children’s author Jason Reynolds makes the case that anxiety is an important, instructive part of the human experience.

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Edward Grinnan on Black History Month
Stories of Faith

How Black History Month Helps Us Understand the Present

It’s not just about the courage of historical figures, it’s also about the quality of life in America today.

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Eating roasted veggies

How to Cook Once, Eat Twice

Easy ways to mix up your meal planning while cutting back your work.

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Melba Patillo Beals
Prayers for Strength

Lessons from the Past on Courage, Faith and Justice

During Black History Month, reflections on long-ago events that continue to haunt us today.

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Various Bible translations
How to Pray

Which Bible Translation Should You Use?

A personal take on some of the best guides to Scripture and prayer.

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Joy of giving
Positive Living

How Giving to Others Makes Us Feel Good

What would happen if we re-framed donating to charity as a joyful activity instead of a moral obligation?

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Caring for a senior dog

Are You Caring for a Dog with Dementia?

Calling all caregivers of dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction. We want to hear your stories.

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Worried man
How to Pray

Why You Should Hand Over Your Worries to God

Your mind is good at creating more fear. Your faith is even better at demolishing it.

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