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Sweet Mimi, Self-Possessed Mimi

This furry feline has a dual nature that unnerves her owner.

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Father's Day Gifts

These five Father's Day gift ideas are sure to bring Dad a smile.

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The Guideposts senior editor shares how a family moment made him think of the unknown.

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Health and Wellness

A Guide to What is Good (for you)

This helpful guide about healthy options is handy for when one is shopping.

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The Tooth Pull

Watch Dawn play dentist with her daughter's loose tooth.

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Adult Children

Honey Bear

The Guideposts executive editor shares why a stuffed bear comforts his son.

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Readers' Favorite Stories

What's Your Story?

The Guideposts editor-in-chief wants to hear your personal change stories.

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Baby and Cats

How this pair of cats formed a friendship with her baby son.

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Father's Day Trips

Take your dad on a Father's Day vacation.

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Positive Thinking

A Talent Show, Hallelujah

The Guideposts senior editor explains why a children's talent show reflects the world.

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