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Chef Jose Andres
People Helping People

Ukraine Opens Up Opportunity for Prayer and Compassion

As Chef José Andrés feeds thousands on the border, we too can offer relief to the suffering.

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A good, long scream
Positive Living

When a Good, Long Scream Is a Healthy Way to Clear the Air

Sometimes emotions are best expressed by yelling out loud!

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Helping others
People Helping People

How an Act of Kindness Never Ends

Remembering the Rev. Vahac Mardirosian who never stopped helping others

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Gracie the golden retriever

A Beloved Pet Needs Our Prayers

Gracie, the golden retriever, is on vet-ordered bed rest.

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Pray a word for Lent
Seasonal Prayers

7 One-Word Prayers for Lent

Here are some suggestions for ways to walk the road with Jesus for the next 40 days.

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Morning bowl of hot cereal

Hot Cereals to Enjoy Instead of Oatmeal

Filling, nourishing bowls of comfort come in many shapes and sizes.

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Singing out loud
Emotional and Mental Health

How Musical ‘Earworms’ Can Improve Your Memory

Why that song you can’t get out of your head might help you access and retain positive experiences from the past.

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Comforting someone
Coping With Grief

The Power God Gives Us to Comfort Others

When you encounter someone whose heart is broken, here’s what your faith calls you to do.

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Rick Hamlin
Living Longer, Living Better

After Heart Surgery or a Heart Attack, How to Recover

For cardiac patients, here’s an invaluable gift.

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Couple praying
Persistent Prayer

Does Your Prayer Life Need Some Spark? 3 Ways to Refresh It

As we are called to persistent prayer, here’s how to do it creatively.

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