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Pray like never before
How to Pray

Pray ‘Never Before’ Prayers

Is there something you haven’t asked of God? Maybe it’s time.

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Stephan's Quintet from the James Webb Telescope, NASA

NASA Captures Some Angelic Constellations

Fans of the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” might recognize this new image from NASA’s James Webb telescope. 

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Clearing your tech clutter
Positive Living

Clear Your Tech Clutter—and Your Credit Card Bill—by Doing a Subscriptions Inventory

Follow these easy steps to make sure those streaming services and publications you pay for monthly still bring joy, information and help.

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Edward Grinnan
Stories of Faith

Walking in Grace—Personal Stories of Faith in Action

This 365-day devotional from Guideposts offers spiritual solutions from familiar faith-filled writers.

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The joy of a summer skort
Positive Living

The Simple Summer Joy of a ‘Skort’

Skirt meets shorts! This seasonal item lets you look great while having fun, without busting your budget. 

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Rick Hamlin

The Importance of Taking Your Grandkids to Church

We can’t begin to know what our children will become, but we can share what matters to us.

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Praying through doubt
Prayers for Stronger Faith

One Bible Prayer to Help You Get Through Doubt

When your faith is flagging, these eight words can reconnect you with God.

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Roasted summer veggies

Summer’s Bounty: One-Ingredient Roast Vegetables

No marinades, no seasonings—just sizzling flavor and an authentically positive way to enjoy the season.

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Edward and Gracie

In Grief, Not Fighting the Feelings

After the death of a spouse, the memories come flooding back. So do the emotions.

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Feeling okay today
Emotional and Mental Health

3 Simple Words to Brighten Your Day

A small, sweet rhyme helps me find my feet on days when the stress starts to swirl.

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