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Rick Hamlin
How to Pray

A New Name for a Favorite Devotional

Daily Guideposts is now Walking in Grace! An annual collection to enrich your faith and connect you with God.

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Is Summer Reading More Fun with Audiobooks?

There’s a special joy to spending a warm afternoon in the shade with a book—and a set of headphones.

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Comforting a friend

The Incredible Power of Simply Being Present for a Friend

When someone you care about is struggling, a simple act, no words necessary, can help.

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Getting quiet
How to Pray

6 Ways to Get Quiet and Pray

There is hope, even for the most distressed and distracted among us.

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Moving on the garden
Positive Living

A Delightful Moment in the Garden—When to Move On

Clearing away what’s no longer vibrant to make way for new life in seasons to come

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Edward and Gracie

Finding Kindness and Care on the Streets of New York City

In grief and heartbreak, there’s grace where grace is needed.

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Praying as you walk outside
How to Pray

Summer—A Great Time to Take a Prayer Walk

Here are some pointers for incorporating the sights and sounds of the season into your God time.

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How Jesus can teach us to pray
How to Pray

5 Ways Jesus Can Help You Pray

Steps to model our own prayers after His

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Boy celebrating accomplishments
Life Advice

The Gift of ‘Moving On’ Moments in Life

A son’s elementary school celebration is a reminder to embrace the full range of feelings that accompany any transition.

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Edward Grinnan

After a Deep Loss, a Heartfelt Thank You

A note of appreciation for all the prayers and support in the wake of a wife’s death.

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