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Happy couple

Could the Secret to Lasting Love Simply Involve Kindness?

A fascinating body of research shows that couples who are kind to each other keep the relationship going strong.

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Rick Hamlin
How to Pray

How to Give Yourself Some Precious Time to Hear God

It’s a noisy world out there. How to listen to God with all the racket.

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Jane Goodall, author of "The Power of Hope"
Positive Living

Positive Reading: Jane Goodall's 'The Power of Hope'

A relationship with nature underpins the primatologist’s optimism in challenging times.

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Edward Grinnan
God's Grace

Have You Received a Comforting Sign from a Loved One Who Has Passed?

For one son, it appeared in a secondhand bookstore on the first anniversary of his mother’s death.

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Woman looking out at breathtaking landscape
How to Pray

How Philippians 4:8 Can Empower Your Prayers

The words in this Bible verse can help you navigate every situation.

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Houseplants warmed by light
Positive Living

Give Your Houseplants—And Yourself—A Boost of Light This Winter

A little goes a long way when we add a soft, warm glow to our living spaces.

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Birds flying across the sun
Inspiring Stories

What Do You See When You Pray?

One painter depicts his inner imagery when praying Psalm 90.

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Listening to God
How to Pray

What Tone of Voice Do You Hear from God?

It pays to listen carefully because it’s easy to misconstrue.

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Teen talking to mom
Life Advice

Why Saying ‘Anxiety Is Normal’ Can Help Us Heal

Children’s author Jason Reynolds makes the case that anxiety is an important, instructive part of the human experience.

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Edward Grinnan on Black History Month
Stories of Faith

How Black History Month Helps Us Understand the Present

It’s not just about the courage of historical figures, it’s also about the quality of life in America today.

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