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Drinking soothing, herbal tea
Health and Wellness

5 Flavorful Herbal Teas to Help You Rest and Digest

These brews are easy, warming, calming—and right on time for the busy holiday season.

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Mother and son
Coping With Grief

How Gratitude Can Help You Move on from Heartbreak

No matter the magnitude of the loss, you can choose to feel God’s presence.

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The Big Picture
Inspiring Stories

How to See—and Take Comfort in— ‘The Big Picture’

Realizing the grandeur of the known world can put things into a positive perspective for our daily lives.

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Bible verses for Advent
Bible Verses About Hope

Two Very Special Bible Verses for Advent

Words for the season, for holding closely in your heart and your head

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Talk to yourself in prayer
How to Pray

Why Not Talk to Yourself When You Pray?

For some, it’s a habit. For others, it’s a quirk. In prayer, it can be effective.

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Bare tree limbs against sky
Positive Living

Once the Leaves Have Fallen, There's Still Plenty to See

We all miss the greens, red, yellows and oranges of our botanical neighbors—but the bare trees have a beautiful lesson to teach us.

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Grateful for caregivers
Family Caregiving

How to Honor Family Caregivers Across the Nation

Even the simplest gesture can make a difference.

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Turkey chili
Positive Living

3 Fresh Takes on Holiday Leftovers

Try these easy, tasty ways to give your surplus feast new meaning.

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Rick Hamlin
Prayers for Strength

6 Bible Verses to Help You Pray Through Your Fears

It’s easy to say “don’t be afraid,” but here’s scripture to help you face what frightens you.

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Pray the I Am Statements of Jesus
How to Pray

For a Fresh Way to Pray, Try the 'I Am' Sayings of Jesus

If you feel stuck in a prayer rut, these seven statements from the Bible can help.

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