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How to give with joy and love.
People Helping People

The Gift of Joyous Giving

When it comes to helping others, let love be your guide.

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Loving the smell of coffee
Positive Living

How to Cultivate Gratitude Even When Things Aren’t Going Great

Gratitude isn’t just for sunny days—it’s an unending well of calming, grounding support you can access no matter what’s happening in your life.

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Thanksgiving Day of Prayer
Holiday Prayers

Join Us for a Thanksgiving Day of Prayer: Grateful in Any Circumstance

The perfect antidote to tough times? Acknowledging our blessings. We want to hear yours!

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Mourning a mother
Stories of Faith

A Pastor Searches for Words to Say at His Mother's Funeral

After years of officiating at services for others, struggling to make sense of his own loss.

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Setting a holiday table
Positive Living

How to Set a Beautiful, Inviting Table (for Two or 20)

Take pleasure in laying a table that is warm, welcoming—and practical for your holiday meal.

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Decorating for Christmas
Positive Living

Why It’s Not Too Early to Decorate for Christmas

There are surprising benefits for those who trim the tree early in the season.

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Edwatd Grinnan with Gracie; photo by Katye Martens Brier
Inspiring Stories

Are You Inspired by Black Friday?

It’s never seemed to be a very inspiring name for a day that is the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season.

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Matt Brown preaching
Stories of Faith

How the Enneagram Can Be Helpful in Your Faith Journey

Pastor Matt Brown explores this ancient tool of wisdom in A Book Called YOU.

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Praying in the dentist chair
How to Pray

A Perfect Place to Pray: The Dentist’s Chair

While you’re held captive, mouth opened wide, why not get to work on your prayer list?

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Different, healthy cheeses to enjoy

Beyond the Cow: Delicious, Different-Dairy Cheeses

Cheese boards are now brimming with savory bites from other milks.

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