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Finding joy at work
Positive Living

How to Spark Some Joy at Work

A workday inevitably brings challenges, especially in these times. Try these tips to reignite your passion and purpose.

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Edward Grinnan
Coping With Illness

Talking with Love and Understanding About Suicide

After a beloved wife’s decision, rejecting shame and embracing honesty

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Succulent plants
Positive Living

4 Things Succulent Plants Can Teach You About Life

Caring for these beautifully mysterious plants invites us to tune in to our own strength and power.

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Rick Hamlin
Encouraging Bible Verses

3 Short Bible Verses to Pray When You’re Overwhelmed

A prayerful—and direct—guide from the Apostle Paul.

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Dream big, pray big
How to Pray

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and the Power of Positive Praying

Inspiration to dream big and pray big

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Curly hair
Positive Living

How to Love Your Curly Hair—Even in Summer

Humidity, chlorine and salt—don’t let these aspects of summer fun defeat your love for your curly hair.

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When something bad happens
Managing Life Changes

How to Cope When a ‘What If…’ Actually Happens

Keep your emotional toolbox handy to keep yourself calm and clear when the unexpected comes to pass.

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Greeting the day
Inspiring Stories

Why You Can Rejoice in Each New Day

It’s not about having a life devoid of troubles. It’s about possibilities.

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Praying with a child
How to Pray

5 Great Times to Pray the Aaronic Blessing

The Bible’s most well-known and oft-repeated benediction can touch lives throughout the day.

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Life Advice

2 Words to Avoid When Seeking Happiness

How to lean into joy that’s authentic, self-supporting and real.

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