Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects too many women, but awareness and prevention--and support for those who are undergoing breast cancer treatment--help us battle this terrible disease.
Kimalea Conrad outside her church on a winter's day
Living With Cancer

Breast Cancer: A Spiritual Journey

When Kimalea Conrad was diagnosed with breast cancer, she didn’t realize that the she was beginning a physical and spiritual journey.

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Carol Witcher with Floyd Henry
Living With Cancer

A Guardian Angel Named Floyd Henry

Dogs were her life. But she never thought a dog would save her life.

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vegetable soup and cornbread healed her soul and sparked an idea to help others

Healing Ministry in a Mason Jar

A simple jar of soup lovingly offered during a time of heartbreak leads to a program to help others.

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The dollar bill signed by Peter Bilello's wife, Grace. Years later, he got the bill back.
God's Grace

A Dollar-Bill Miracle

How a name written on a dollar bill comforted a grieving widower.

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A cancer survivor smiles in victory
Encouraging Bible Verses

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Encouraging Bible Verses

May these encouraging Bible verses remind you of God's unending love for you. 

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Jeanne Kremers
Living With Cancer

A Cancer Patient Learns to Accept Help

She wanted to be brave about her cancer. And she didn't want to be fussed over.

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A couple prays for each other. Photo by Rido, Shutterstock.
Stories of Faith

5 Things I Learned When Praying for Others

We miss out on many blessings when we limit the focus of our prayer time to ourselves.

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A vintage alarm clock
Living With Cancer

A Wake-Up Call from Grandma

She was struggling to get moving that morning till she received a message from beyond.

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Lily resting on Bible
Deepen Your Faith

What’s the One Thing You Should Give Up for Lent this Year?

Author Margaret Feinberg shares why giving something up isn't as important as laying hold of Jesus. 

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Margaret Feinberg
Positive Living

7 Ways to Bring Joy to the World Today

The author of Fight Back With Joy gives her tips on finding and keeping joy in your life. 

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