Punkin the cat

Pets as Caregiving Companions

In this video, three people discuss the caregiving role their pets played in their households.

A middle aged woman on the beach positively thinking.

How You Can Benefit from Flexing Your Gratitude Muscle

As a caregiver, shifting your attention to things you’re thankful for can overcome negative thinking

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An elderly woman counting her change from her coin purse.

Financial Exploitation: Know the Red Flags

Older adults, especially those with cognitive decline, are vulnerable to financial abuse. Know what to look for.

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An older couple brushing their teeth together.

Why Oral Health is Important for Older Adults

Taking an older loved one to the dentist and regular brushing and flossing can improve well-being 

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Home Instead Senior Care Celebrates 25th Anniversary with ‘Ready to Care’ Initiative

The campaign encourages people to take small actions to brighten a senior’s life.

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9 Suggestions for Preventing Caregiver Burnout

9 Suggestions for Preventing Caregiver Burnout

Caring for someone with dementia may require your intense vigilance as a caregiver, but there is much you can do to release your own stress. 

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A male caregiver searching online and taking notes.

Where to Turn When a Family Member Has Alzheimer’s

An abundance of resources offer information for family caregivers.

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9 Strategies for Dealing with Repetition in People with Dementia

9 Strategies for Dealing with Repetition in People with Dementia

Discovering what’s behind your loved one’s repetitive questions can help you manage them.

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A caregiver engaged in conversation with her loved one on a bench outside.

What to Know About Wandering in People with Dementia

A potential symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, wandering behavior can stem from a search for safety and reassurance.

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A woman sitting on the dock in deep reflection as the sun rises.

9 Practical Tips to Build Resiliency and Combat Caregiver Burnout

From finding humor in a tough situation to trying creative problem-solving, you can develop a more resilient spirit 

A caregiver reassuring her loved one.

7 Methods for Dealing with Time Confusion in People with Alzheimer’s

Remaining flexible can help alleviate anxiety.

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A woman with her stuffed bear and a caregiver.

6 Practical Ways to Resolve Sleep Issues

Watching your loved one’s caffeine intake and offering a stuffed animal to cuddle are possible solutions.

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A woman smiling as she spends time outdoors in the sunlight.

5 Approaches to Sleep Regulation for Someone with Severe Dementia

Daytime “wake cues” and a bedtime routine can help your loved one get better sleep.

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A senior woman sleeping in.

What to Do If Your Loved One with Dementia Sleeps Too Much

Changes in sleep patterns are not unusual, but check with a physician.

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