A mother in a wheelchair gets a visit from her daughter in a care facility.

How to Shift Your Loved One’s Care to Assisted Living with Less Stress

Preparing yourself for potential stressors and reaching out to support services can help ease the transition.

An older relative spending time with his family.

4 Tips for Arranging Successful Group Outings

Ask your loved one and friends where they want to go, then plan ahead

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A woman sorting out her fridge with healthy foods.

How to Avoid Letting Caregiving Lead to Emotional Eating

Simple steps, like filling your kitchen with healthy snacks or connecting with others, can help you can stop using food to soothe stress

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B'ette Schalk

Staying Positive While Dealing with the Challenges of Caregiving

B'ette Schalk shares how her faith and a grief support group helped her cope with the challenges she faced when her husband experienced deep depression and anxiety.

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An adult daughter embraces her mother who has dementia

5 Tips to Help Caregivers Cope with Ambiguous Loss

How do you care for a loved with dementia, depression or lost only partially?

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B'ette and her husband, Herb

How She Coped with Her Husband’s Depression

She watched—and grieved—as the man she loved fell into a cycle of anxiety and depression. Would she ever get him back?

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A family of three watches TV together.

How to Handle the Stress of Caregiving

From reading a book to spending time with a pet, simple steps can help ease the stress of caring for a loved one.

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A man sorting and organizing his mail.

3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Home Safer for Your Older Loved One

Clearing out old medications and old papers can make a real difference.

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A home care nurse tends to a female senior citizen.

What to Do if Your Loved One Shows Signs of Self-Neglect

When loved ones lose the ability to care for themselves, there are resources for family members and caregivers.

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A caregiver helping her loved one with power of attorney paperwork.

What to Know About Helping Your Loved One Select a Power of Attorney Agent

Finding someone who is trustworthy, and can communicate comfortably with your older loved one is key.

A aging couple planning their finances on a laptop in their home.

6 Things to Know About Estate Planning and Advance Directives

Discover what you can do now, like creating a living will and a power of attorney for health care, to prepare for the future.

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Having a good coping strategy is key for a caregiver’s emotional health.

6 Ways Caregivers Can Find Emotional Support

Having a good coping strategy is key for a caregiver’s emotional health.

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Continue doing the loving work you do with these caregiving tips.

5 Ways to Stay Positive as a Caregiver

Continue doing the loving work you do with these caregiving tips.

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Getty Images

Partner Spotlight: How the Ben Rose Institute Supports Caregivers

The BRI Care Consultation program provides invaluable resources and comfort to caregivers and their loved ones.

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