Caring for a senior dog

Are You Caring for a Dog with Dementia?

Calling all caregivers of dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction. We want to hear your stories.

Senior couple watching TV at home

The Gift of Giving

“Do you want a back rub or a foot rub?” I ask my husband, Jean-Claude, on one of his rare sic ...

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Family saying grace at dinner

The Art of Giving

The keeper of all things family, my mother. She planned the gatherings and celebrations and ...

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Senior father and son in an embrace; Getty Images

3 Ways to Evaluate Your Loved One’s Wellness When You Visit

You can get a good read on an older adult’s health issues by asking yourself key questions.

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Senior couple holding hands

Still a Winner

My wife, Candy, and I play Scrabble five-plus nights a ...

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Sunrise in the mountain

Bright Moments

My mother-in-law sat at the kitchen table while I fixed dinner. Suffering with Alzheimer’s, she ...

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Strawberry cake

A Memorable Birthday

Veteran’s Day 1948 proved to be memorable for Mom—m ...

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Rocky cliff overlooking a river

Peace Like a River

“I’ve got peace like a river…” I sang softly, while sitting at the bedside of Janis, who ...

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Butterfly among summer flowers

That Lovely Word, Yes

My husband Kevin paused the player and grabbed his ringing phone. “Oh, dear. Yes, I understand. ...

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Father and son in their home; Getty Images

Dos and Don’ts of Caring for an Older Adult with Mental Illness

Mental health changes are not a “normal part of aging” so it’s important to recognize and address the symptoms.

Senior woman watching TV

The Sound of Love

Mom couldn’t get around much after her hip operation, so I was staying with her day and night u ...

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Woman holding a mug by the window

In All Circumstances

Pretty tall order, I thought as I closed my daily devotional. I’d risen early, needing ...

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Women holding hands

A Day of Pampering

Holding tight to my mother, I carefully helped her out of the shower. I had bathed her and washed ...

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The Music of Devotion

When I visited my aunt in her senior-living facility, I ...

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White dove flying in the sky

Circle of Life

My mother had been in the hospital for two months. I wanted to take her home, but things kept get ...

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Senior women laughing

From Faith to Glory

One Sunday morning, I watched my mother make a beeline for the pew of her friend Faith. They’d ...

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