Helpful Activities

A family member clasps hands with loved one with dementia

Help Someone with Alzheimer’s Recall Memories

Look at old photos together, create a memory box or make a favorite family recipe; these are just few ways to jog their memory and comfort them at the same time. 

An older gentleman enjoying a slice of watermelon.

9 Tips to Prevent Dehydration in a Loved One with Dementia

A variety of beverages, and even fruit, can replenish fluids.

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A dinner plate with roasted turkey, string beans, cranberry sauce and stuffing.

When Someone with Alzheimer’s Repeatedly Wants the Same Food

It’s okay to indulge a preference for one particular food if the overall diet is balanced.

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A woman being fed oatmeal in her bed.

5 Ways to Help Someone with Chewing and Swallowing Problems When They Eat

Gentle coaching and foods that are more easily consumed can improve results.

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A woman in her golden years outside drinking a smoothie.

How to Choose Safe Foods for Someone Who Can’t Swallow

If your loved one is at risk of choking, careful food selection is necessary. 

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A woman in her golden years embracing her aging mother.

8 Ways to Cover Assisted Living Costs

From insurance to more creative financing, help is available.

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A adult daughter with her aging mother in a happy, loving embrace.

Advice on Covering the Costs of Adult Daycare

Public and private sources offer assistance.

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A home health aide at the doorstep of someone's home.

5 Options to Cover Costs of Home Health Care

Help is available for physician-prescribed care.

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A woman in her golden years grocery shopping with the assistance of a caregiver.

How to Improve Communities for People with Dementia

Learn what you can do to help make your community dementia-inclusive.

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An older gentleman's daughter helps him eat soup at the table.

Techniques To Cut Down on Messy Eating for People with Alzheimer’s

Easy-to-handle foods and utensils can make mealtime easier.

A mother overlooking her senior mother on a laptop.

Tips to Protect a Loved One Whose Judgment is Impaired

You can put safety first by keeping a watchful eye on activities.

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A father and daughter in a happy embrace.

What to Do When Your Loved One Shows Signs of Impaired Judgment

If poor decision-making is an issue, you can take steps to protect your family.

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An adult daughter comforts her father who is dealing with dementia

5 Ways to Engage a Senior with Alzheimer’s

Get expert advice on how to connect with a person who has dementia.

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Linda took to painting as a form of therapy

She Used Art to Help a Senior with Dementia

The caregiving art sessions transformed Tony's final days with Alzheimer's and healed Linda, too.

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