Family Caregiving

Young woman preparing food in kitchen with aging mother; Getty Images

4 Ways Cooking Can Keep Your Older Loved One Engaged

Preparing food can have physical, psychological and social benefits.

A mother and her adult daughter celebrate Mother's Day

5 Tips for Navigating Mother’s Day When You're Caring for Your Mom

The founder of a community for women balancing eldercare, kids and career says you have to find your ‘sweet spot.’

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A family meeting; Getty Images

Tips for Successful Family Meetings

When the topic is an older parent’s care, it’s important to plan ahead for a focused and clear-headed discussion.

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Woman walking with her senior mother; Getty Images

Steps to Guard Against Dementia-Related Wandering

Spring weather increases the risk of this behavior but you can help prevent it by taking safety measures.

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A caregiving having tea with an aging woman; Getty Images

Home Safety Modifications: Start-to-Finish Resources for Caregivers

From needs checklists to possible financial assistance, there is help at the tip of your fingers.

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Jeannie Hughes with her husband, Roger; photo by Scott Goldsmith

She Was Inspired by Her Husband's Positivity While Dealing with Cancer

Her husband’s diagnosis didn’t challenge his faith. Why did it shake hers?

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Family caregiver with her male loved one; Getty Images

What to Know as a Family Caregiver to an Older Male

It’s important to understand the particular challenges that men may face as they age.

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Family caregiver feeding an aging senior soup; Getty Images

Mealtime Changes That Can Benefit a Loved One with Dementia

Small shifts in the foods you prepare, the table setting and the environment can have a big impact.

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Woman helping aging man button a cardigan; Getty Images

Tips to Assist Your Loved One with Daily Dressing and Grooming

Personal care routines are central to an older adult’s well-being, happiness and independence.

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A man planning on paper; Getty Images

5 Organizing Tips to Lessen Caregiver Stress

If you’re overwhelmed by all you have to do, it may help to put some key things in order.

Woman with her aging mother; Getty Images

Understanding Self-Neglect—the Most Prevalent Form of Elder Abuse

Once you recognize the signs, you can take steps to help protect the older adults in your life.

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Edward Grinnan and Gracie

National Caregivers Day—How to Show Your Appreciation

Here are ways we can honor those who care for our loved ones.

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Father and son in their home; Getty Images

Dos and Don’ts of Caring for an Older Adult with Mental Illness

Mental health changes are not a “normal part of aging” so it’s important to recognize and address the symptoms.

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Senior father and son in an embrace; Getty Images

3 Ways to Evaluate Your Loved One’s Wellness When You Visit

You can get a good read on an older adult’s health issues by asking yourself key questions.

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Home caregiver assiting her patient; Getty Images

The RAISE Family Caregivers Act: What’s It All About?

This national plan aims to help family caregivers address daily challenges.

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Doctor advises female patient; Getty Images

4 Tips to Balance Caregiving and Relationships

It’s vital to your well-being to strengthen the other important bonds in your life.

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