6 Ways to Show Love to Those You Can't See Because of Social Distancing

If you are separated from those you love, follow these practical tips to stay connected 

Posted in , Mar 19, 2020

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The recent Covid-19 outbreak has required many people to maintain distance from loved ones who may be more at risk of infection. Although these actions are taken out of love, it's difficult to be separated from those we care about during such trying times. But face-to-face time isn't the only way to show you care. Here are a few ways to show love while social distancing:

1. Send email updates

Of course, calling and FaceTiming are great ways to stay in touch, but don't forget the power of a written update. Your loved ones will appreciate a message letting them know how you are doing and that you are thinking of them, and the best part is, they can go back and read it any time they're feeling lonely.

2. Leave groceries

Save your loved ones a trip to the grocery store by picking up food and supplies for them. Dropping groceries on the porch gives you an opportunity to wave through the window and leave them a handwritten note.

3. Set up technology for better communication

Luckily, technology has made keeping in touch easier than ever. Services like Zoom, FaceTime and Skype allow for group video calls, and Netflix has even added a service allowing people to group call while watching a movie together. Ask your loved one if there's a service they prefer, and then get everyone in your family set up to use that service. It may take a while to get the hang of it, but being able to video chat will make the distance seem less severe.

4. Start a daily prayer time

With many people staying home, there's never been a better time to establish a family devotional or prayer time. Set up a daily video call or decide as a family on a time every morning when you will join together for prayer. Even if you aren't speaking, knowing that you are all joined together in prayer will make you feel more connected.

5. Attend virtual church together

Many churches are now livestreaming their services online. If your family is missing worshipping together, choose a church and watch the livestream together. It will give you something to discuss, and a common experience to share even while far apart.

6. Start a book club

Another great way to bring everyone together is to start a virtual book club. Get a group of friends or family together and pick a book you're all interesting inreading. You can then text, email and video chat to update each other on your progress and your feelings about the book.

There's no doubt that social distancing is difficult and can be lonely, but with a little intention and effort, you can show love to everyone in your circle.

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