3 Tips to Handle a Loved One’s Hostility

When you keep in mind that dementia is the cause, it can aid your understanding.

Posted in , Sep 26, 2019

A senior father and his caregiver daughter having a laugh in their home.

This article is based on information provided by Home Instead Senior Care.

Dementia can, at times, make your loved one behave in ways that are belligerent and challenging. This is likely due to the confusion that comes with the disease. Dementia affects all aspects of personality. It can cause changes that range from pleasant confusion to agitation or hostility. If your loved one is acting out in anger, it is probably because he or she is not able to understand or remember things. By focusing on the person you have always known, and the fact that dementia is at the root of this behavior, you can help him or her through these episodes.

The following tips may help you to manage your loved one’s hostility:

· Bring your family on board to discuss the best ways to keep your loved one calm.

· Minimize outbursts by figuring out what his or her “hot buttons” are.

· Help prevent agitation by finding ways to simplify the environment.

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