Service Dogs: Canine Caregivers

A service dog who saved his blind owner reminds us of the unique bonds between the dogs and those they care for.

Posted in , Jun 10, 2015

Service Dogs: Canine Caregivers

Caregivers often help loved ones navigate daily household chores, run errands,  and provide much-needed assistance and companionship. These responsibilities can be demanding but they also offer an opportunity for love to grow, for relationships to deepen, and sometimes for impressive displays of courage and loyalty.

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A recent story demonstrates that caregivers not only come in different  shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they may even be a different species.

Figo is just one of thousands of service dogs in the United States who are trained to help people with disabilities.  In addition to dogs like Figo, there are emotional support dogs who provide support to those experiencing emotional challenges, and therapy dogs who visit patients in hospitals and nursing homes. 

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These dogs are not only loyal companions, they provide practical and sometimes lifesaving help to their owners. Caregivers really do come in all shapes, sizes and species.

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