Advice for Caregivers

Home caregiver assiting her patient; Getty Images

The RAISE Family Caregivers Act: What’s It All About?

This national plan aims to help family caregivers address daily challenges.

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4 Tips to Balance Caregiving and Relationships

It’s vital to your well-being to strengthen the other important bonds in your life.

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An adult woman and her senior mother walk along a beach

5 Ways to Move Past Caregiver Denial

It’s not easy to accept that a loved one is dealing with dementia. From educating yourself to hiring respite care, here is how to come to terms with a difficult diagnosis.

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Couple lighting sprinklers for 2022 New Year's Eve; Getty Images

New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers

Two psychotherapists offer suggestions to honor the year you’ve had and move forward with fresh resolve.

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How to Maintain Your Wellness After the Spouse You’ve Cared for Dies

The health effects of widowhood can be especially damaging for caregivers, so self-care is critical.  

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A senior man in a wheelchair conversing with his caregiver; Getty Images

Tips to Ease Communication with Someone Who Has Dementia

The way you express yourself can make a big difference.

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A daughter takes care of her aging mother in a wheelchair; Getty Images

Are You a Hypervigilant Caregiver?

A therapist discusses how to find your balance if your focus has become too “outwardly directed” toward your loved one.

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Grandmother and her grandchildren during Thanksgiving dinner; Getty Images

How to Enjoy a Nutritious, Delicious Thanksgiving Meal with Your Older Loved One

Consider these expert tips for a healthy, colorful and fun fall meal.

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A weary and pensive woman

5 Ways to Rebuild Your Life After Caregiving Ends

Long-term caregivers can feel at loose ends when their loved one dies. A leading Alzheimer’s expert outlines next steps when the focus of your life suddenly shifts.

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A caregiver helping an aging man; Getty Images

When a Job Is More than a Calling

Dreaming of doing work that helps others? These expert tips may help point you in the right direction. 

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A senior woman smiling; Getty Images

What Can You Do to Keep Your Loved One at Home Longer?

The desire to “age in place” is natural, so how can you help your older family member to do so, if possible?

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A young woman smiling with eyes closed; Getty Images

Affirmative Thinking: How Can It Help You as a Caregiver?

When you learn to accentuate the positive, your health and well-being can reap real rewards.

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An elderly man walking with his caregiver; Getty Images

Where to Turn After Your Loved One is Diagnosed with Dementia

Once the condition is confirmed, you can begin to find support and process your feelings.

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Close of a elderly woman's hands on top of a cane; Getty Images

How to Spot Elder Abuse and What to Do If It Occurs

The first step is to learn about the 7 types of abuse that can affect older adults.

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