Advice for Caregivers

A senior father and his caregiver daughter having a laugh in their home.

3 Tips to Handle a Loved One’s Hostility

When you keep in mind that dementia is the cause, it can aid your understanding.

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A caregiver comforting her mother.

How to Talk to a Loved One Whose Judgment is Impaired

Gentle suggestions can help your loved one feel more secure under your watch.

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A caregiver has a sit down conversation with his senior father.

Advice for Dealing with a Loved One Who is Uncooperative

If your family member is resistant to getting an Alzheimer’s evaluation, a calm discussion can make a difference.

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A caregiver talking to his diverse group of friends.

How to Deal with the Emotions of Caregiving

Here are six ways on how to handle your emotions throughout the course of caring for a loved one.

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Senior citizens dancing together.

4 Ideas to Help Unleash Your Loved One’s Creativity

Older adults can enjoy physical and mental health benefits through artistic expression. 

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A couple working together on their credit score.

Guiding Your Loved One Toward Good Credit

Debt management and a good credit score are vital to an older adult.

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A woman sitting on the dock in deep reflection as the sun rises.

9 Practical Tips to Build Resiliency and Combat Caregiver Burnout

From finding humor in a tough situation to trying creative problem-solving, you can develop a more resilient spirit.

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A middle aged woman on the beach positively thinking.

How You Can Benefit from Flexing Your Gratitude Muscle

As a caregiver, shifting your attention to things you’re thankful for can overcome negative thinking

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A caregiver and her mother meet a friend in their community.

4 Tips for Preventing Social Isolation

Help your loved one get involved in the community and enjoy the benefits of connecting with others.

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An older relative spending time with his family.

4 Tips for Arranging Successful Group Outings

Ask your loved one and friends where they want to go, then plan ahead

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A woman sorting out her fridge with healthy foods.

How to Avoid Letting Caregiving Lead to Emotional Eating

Simple steps, like filling your kitchen with healthy snacks or connecting with others, can help you can stop using food to soothe stress

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Having a good coping strategy is key for a caregiver’s emotional health.

6 Ways Caregivers Can Find Emotional Support

Having a good coping strategy is key for a caregiver’s emotional health.

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