Alex Trebek’s Wife Opens Up About Caring for Him, Amid His Battle With Pancreatic Cancer

Jean Trebek discusses her caregiving experience, almost a year after her husband’s diagnosis.

Posted in , Feb 6, 2020

Alex Trebek and wife, Jean Trebek

Alex Trebek, 79, has remained candid with fans since announcing his Stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis last March. It’s no surprise the “Jeopardy!” host’s cancer journey has been hard for him and his family, including his wife of 29 years, Jean Trebek.

The couple, who sat down with Michael Strahan for an ABC News Special to discuss what the experience has been like for 56-year-old Jean, were asked about the most difficult part of the cancer battle.

“It’s when I see him in pain and I can’t help him,” she said. "And when he doesn’t eat right. When he has too much diet soda.”

She went on to admit it was the sense of helplessness she feels when he’s hurting.

The game show host acknowledged the impact that the diagnosis has had on Jean, who he says has been his rock throughout this journey.

“It's always tough for caretakers because she has to deal with her worrying about my well-being and... I'm not always the most pleasant person to be around when I'm experiencing severe pain or depression, and she has to tread lightly around me,” he added.

Back in August, Jean, the founder of Inside Wink, an online magazine, discussed her experience in finding peace and positivity in a blog post titled “Peace Within.” Although her husband is not specifically mentioned in the article, Jean wrote about the difficulty she’s experienced in expressing her emotions during tough times and how she’s learned to overcome it.

“What’s helped me the most in becoming truly peaceful within, is allowing myself to have my feelings without judgment,” she wrote. “I, too, strongly believe that the bridge to a peaceful co-existence lies in our ability to respectfully communicate our feelings.”

Although the beloved game show host hinted that his 35-year tenure with "Jeopardy!” may be coming to an end, he says he will continue to face his diagnosis head on.

"The thought of the pancreatic cancer does not frighten me," he told CTV. “One thing they’re not going to say at my funeral as part of a eulogy: ‘He was taken from us too soon,’” he added. “I'm 79 years old. So, hey, I've lived a good life, a full life.”

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