Family Caregiving

'He always knew where Mom was,' Edwina says about Beethoven

These 3 Pets Serve as Caregiving Companions

A dog, a cat—and even a parrot—comfort and care for ailing and grieving family members.

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A senior woman cuddles a small dog

6 Ways Seniors Can Interact With Pets Without Committing to Ownership

Time spent with animals reduces depression, pain and dementia-related agitation.

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Karen's mom meets the actress who played Belle

What a Musical Meant to a Woman with Dementia

When her mother started singing along with the show, she was ready to leave. Then a voice ordered her to stay.

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A woman sitting on the dock in deep reflection as the sun rises.

9 Practical Tips to Build Resiliency and Combat Caregiver Burnout

From finding humor in a tough situation to trying creative problem-solving, you can develop a more resilient spirit.

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A middle aged woman on the beach positively thinking.

How You Can Benefit from Flexing Your Gratitude Muscle

As a caregiver, shifting your attention to things you’re thankful for can overcome negative thinking

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Getty Images

Home Instead Senior Care Celebrates 25th Anniversary with ‘Ready to Care’ Initiative

The campaign encourages people to take small actions to brighten a senior’s life.

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An older man in a wheelchair happily plays with his Labrador.

Taking Care of a Pet for a Loved One Has Hidden Benefits

Helping an older adult care for a pet may boost your own sense of well-being.

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A caregiver and her mother meet a friend in their community.

4 Tips for Preventing Social Isolation

Help your loved one get involved in the community and enjoy the benefits of connecting with others.

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An older relative spending time with his family.

4 Tips for Arranging Successful Group Outings

Ask your loved one and friends where they want to go, then plan ahead

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A woman sorting out her fridge with healthy foods.

How to Avoid Letting Caregiving Lead to Emotional Eating

Simple steps, like filling your kitchen with healthy snacks or connecting with others, can help you can stop using food to soothe stress

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B'ette Schalk

Staying Positive While Dealing with the Challenges of Caregiving

B'ette Schalk shares how her faith and a grief support group helped her cope with the challenges she faced when her husband experienced deep depression and anxiety.

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B'ette and her husband, Herb

How She Coped with Her Husband’s Depression

She watched—and grieved—as the man she loved fell into a cycle of anxiety and depression. Would she ever get him back?

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