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Pensive woman looking out of a window

Misunderstood Mission

Some days we wonder why we got ourselves into this caregiving situation. Friends or family may tr ...

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Man holding his hands over his heart

Calmed by His Love

What is causing you unrest today? Inadequacy? Lack of strength? ...

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Woman facing the sunrise

Be a God-Pleaser

Sometimes we work ourselves to the bone because ...

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Man facing the sun with outstretched arms

An Extravagant God

There are times when we are exhausted and discouraged and we allow our minds to roam to dark plac ...

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Caregiver helping senior woman down the stairs

Answering God’s Call to Care

Before God sent Elijah from the brook Cherith, He had already commanded a widow in Zarephath to s ...

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Praying hands next a bible

God’s Protection


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Woman standing by a lake

Where’s the Good?

Good? Is what I’m experiencing good, Lord? Verses like this make a caregiver question. ...

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Worried young woman

Faith for the Future

When illness and pain are life’s constants and the disease that ravages our loved one’s body ...

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Young man laughing with a senior man

The Gift of Dignity

When Sarah’s mother came home from the hospital, Sarah waited on her hand and foot. W ...

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Sunbeams through clouds

Above the Clouds

As a plane ascended, passengers peered out the windows at the swirling gray mist shrouding their ...

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Woman enjoying nature

For His Sake...

God takes the trials we go through and uses them for His glory. In fact, He generally advances Hi ...

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Man praying with a bible

Holy Spirit Prayers

Many times the ...

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Thoughtful woman at home

Think About This

When June’s husband fell at home and ended up in the hospital, she was ...

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