Arm in Arm

Arm in Arm

Pensive woman looking out a window

I…didn’t dodge their insults, faced them as they spit in my face. And the Master, God, stays right there and helps me, so I’m not disgraced. Therefore I set my face like flint, confident that I’ll never regret this. My champion is right here. Let’s take our stand together!—ISAIAH 50:6–8 MSG

He didn’t want her help and resisted every step of the way. Regardless of her compassion and sacrifice, displayed through endless months of attentive care, he continually shunned and opposed her.

It would be different if the problem was cancer or some other condition beyond their control. But she was working so hard due to his failure to help himself! She was worn thin, teetering on the edge of hopelessness. At first, she’d taken the abuse with a certain grace…but on its own, a soul can only take so much for so long.

Then Isaiah reminded her, “You are not on your own in this battle. It may seem like he’s spitting in your face. But remember this: Your champion, God, is right beside you, saying, ‘I’m right here. We’re sticking this out together. I’m not leaving you. You can hold your chin up knowing that I will sustain you, walking arm in arm with you. Let’s take our stand together!’ ”

Today's Prayer:

Lord, remind me that You always stand beside me. May Your strong arms gird me up as I try to show love in action. Lift my chin today, Father; give me confidence to face the opposition, knowing that You are right here with me.

Adapted from Strength & Grace: Daily Devotions for Caregivers, a new publication from Guideposts