Peace, Be Still

Peace, Be Still

A fishing boat on the sea of Galilee

God makes his people strong. God gives his people peace.—Psalm 29:11 MSG

At the center of life’s storms, how do we find peace? If we’re tossed about, struggling and hopeless, where is the peace? Don’t worry—peace can be ours for the asking.

You see, God is our peace. He is ready to calm our storms when we call on Him. He will comfort and strengthen us each day.

The Bible tells of Peter and the other disciples, who were rowing their small boat against strong waves on the way to Capernaum. They knew Jesus was planning to join them, but they’d drifted out into the sea and left Him far behind. When they saw Jesus walking on the water, they were terrified—but He spoke and calmed their fears.

Impulsive Peter asked to meet Jesus on the water. He stepped out of the boat and, briefly, walked on the waves like his Lord. As long as Peter’s eyes were on Jesus, he stayed atop the water—but the moment he looked away, he sank. Peter learned a valuable lesson then.

The lesson works for believers today: Keep your eyes focused on the problems and you’ll have mayhem. Focus on Jesus and you’ll have peace.

Today's Prayer:

Dear Lord, I thank You for Your protection. Help me to keep my eyes on You. Please grant me peace.

Adapted from Strength & Grace: Daily Devotions for Caregivers, a new publication from Guideposts