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A woman caregiver writes in her journal

4 Reasons to Keep a Caregiver Journal

Writing it all down can help you stay focused, manage stress and remember the good times.

Thoughtful woman

On the Giving or Receiving End

I’m my veteran husband’s caregiver as he lives with ...

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Transparent glass ball reflecting a sunset on the lake

A Change in Perspective

“No, no, no! That’s not right. There should be one, two and then three,” my Aunt Ruth whine ...

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Man sitting peacefully on a mountain

The Tenth Mile

I try often to thank my husband, Kevin, for the hundred ways he helps my 94-year-old mom. ...

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Caregiver listening to senior woman


“Good morning,” Mrs. Johnson said as I walked into her room at the assisted-living residence, ...

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Adult daughter and senior mother having tea together

Fear Born of Love

Patsy Cline’s soulful voice floats into my bedroom in my mother’s house. I’d moved in with ...

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Orange and white cat

Old Jade

When my husband John’s mother moved in with us due to her declining health, we worried how she ...

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Senior couple walking on the beach


I sat on the couch with the laptop. Voices came from the speakers, people talking about ...

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What’s Your Chocolate-Covered Cherry?

Although Larry, my beloved husband, had died more than six months before, ...

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Hands together; Getty Images/iStock Photo

A Divine Nudge Healed This Mother-Daughter Relationship

How an inexplicable urge to return to her hometown mended her difficult relationship with her mother.

Sun shining in the forest

Sharing Fear

Mom was diagnosed with cancer in her jaw, and soon after surgery she began ...

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Moon shining over a lighthouse

The Porch Light

I stepped out of my friend Sue’s car and glared at my pitch-black front steps. I’d forgotten ...

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Adult woman and senior mother

Second Best

“Hey, Mom,” I said, using my best conciliatory voice, “you know, we just ate breakfast. Are ...

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Highway surrounded by fall trees

The Table

“Shawn, can you take Dad to the doctor Thursday?” my sister asked through the car speaker. ...

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Woman writing in notebook

Charting the Way to Peace

We were prepared for our daughter’s birth, but her congenital illness was a surprise. It turned ...

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Woman looking upward towards the sky

He’s Mine

I took a deep breath and told my dad that I couldn’t come tomorrow; I simply had too much I nee ...

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