Hope and Inspiration

Senior woman smiling

The Inside Stays Beautiful

My mother was a strikingly beautiful Norwegian blonde, always meticulous in her appearance. When ...

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Senior friends laughing

Friends of a Feather

Since my grandmother’s death, my mom and I had worried about my grandfather. He cared for my gr ...

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Praying hands in the dark

We Are in This Together

“I’ll be right here next to you,” my husband says and points to a chair at the head of the ...

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Woman on the beach

Inner Strength

My mother-in-law has been fiercely independent her entire l ...

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Mature woman sleeping

Resting in Sweet Memories

“Good morning,” my mother would whisper as she woke us up. “I just turned on the heater, an ...

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Mother and her infant


He wouldn’t stop crying. I had tried to comfort my infant son for hours. The issue he was havin ...

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Senior woman watching TV

New Beginnings

My grandfather loved to make people laugh and was always the life of the party, while my grandmot ...

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Chocolate chip cookies

Sweet Moments

Ken arrived home after another emotionally exhausting visit ...

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Women having coffee together

Making Time for Myself

I escaped to my front porch rocker for some time alone ...

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Senior women laughing

A Time to Laugh

After his move to nursing home care, my father-in-law J ...

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Bench on a mountain at sunrise

Just as God Ordained

In the mid-1990s, I took our church youth group to a co ...

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Adult daughter helping senior mother on a walker

Always Ready to Help

My grandmother was the person I most wanted to be like. Nothing kept her troubled. Despite a life ...

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When Music Heals

Gene was the quietest participant I’d ever encountered as a volunteer at OASIS, a respite care ...

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Happy seniors

Angels on Earth

“It may be time to get hospice involved,” the nurse at Mom’s facility told me. Wa ...

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