Hope and Inspiration

Woman on the phone

Comfort in Your Voice

My cell phone dinged. It hadn’t stopped since the day our daughter, Katy, had gone into the hos ...

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Family taking a selfie

Pictures of Happiness

Mom was having a good day. Some days she knew I was her dau ...

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Worried woman

Holding On Too Tight

“I knew this wasn’t a good idea,” I said anxiously to my husband, who was gasping for air. ...

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Cat and dog

Four-Legged Comfort

Daddy didn’t like cats. He was a dog man. As he got o ...

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Woman taking a deep breath

Healing Tears

Even though we’d hung up, my brother’s voice rang in my ears as I drove to the hospital to vi ...

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Father hugging his daughter

The Hug

As a caregiver for an aging parent riddled with health issues, the winter had seemed extra-long. ...

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Woman in church

Only a Matter of Time

Sunday morning I rouse my wife, Candy, to get ready for church. I have been up for a while, showe ...

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An open Bible


Sometimes being a caregiver to my husband, Herb, who suffered from severe anxiety and depression, ...

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Beach from above

Not Okay

My daughter Danielle’s eyes were closed, but I knew she was awake. ...

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Clasped hands

Strength For the Moment

My father’s cousin Frances had a heart attack. A widow in her late 70s, Frances had no children ...

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Adult woman and senior mother

Generations of Comfort

“Grandma, you look tired. Is it time for a nap?” My ...

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Birds in flight at sunset

Unexpected Blessings

There was a missed call from my brother, Josh, right before I left my store to go visit my dad in ...

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A rainbow over a tree

A Simple Answer

I paced the hallway outside my mother’s hospital room. There were so many questions. Decisions ...

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Pumpkins, grapes and peppers


Before her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, my wife, Candy, loved her life in the kitchen and her well-de ...

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