Hope and Inspiration

Daughter helping mother walk with a cane

Not Control, but Love

As we arrived at the cancer center, my mother informed me that she had been unable to walk on her ...

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Mother and daughter smiling

God’s Promise

Searching for the perfect card for Mother’s Day can b ...

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Man's praying hands

The Temple of God

My father fretted over placing his mother in a nursing home ...

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Couple on the beach with their bikes

Coping Strategies

Early each day, I see the familiar flashing lights of our neighbor James’s bicycle from our fro ...

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Joyful choir

Relearning How to Live Life to the Fullest

The oncologist told my mother-in-law she should stay home during chemo because her immunity was l ...

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Two female friends

A Friend in Deed

After a month of taking my mother-in-law to her physical therapy sessions, I had settled into the ...

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Two outstretched hands

Finding the Best Ways to Help

When I received an e-mail from the director at Mom’s assisted-living facility, my heart rate do ...

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Smiling woman standing in front of colorful tiles

A Cheerful Heart

I think it’s OK to laugh when Mom, who has Alzheimer’s, inadvertently says something funny. T ...

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Adult son and senior father walking outside

Unconditional Love

My father-in-law, Jack, was a man of few words. My husband, Mike, never knew where he stood with ...

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Woman surrounded by autumn leaves

Wordless Prayers

It had been a rough day. Within weeks, two of my children had been diagnosed with separate chroni ...

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Prayer group holding hands

A New Family

Mary left her college teaching career in another state to take care of her elderly mother. As an ...

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Woman standing by a window

Keeping Things in Perspective

I walked out of my mother-in-law’s house, climbed into my car and slammed the door shut. ...

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Woman in a forest

Your Oxygen Mask

Admitting one has needs—is needy—may be the most difficult part of ...

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Sunrise at the beach

The Armor of Light

A pastor who was caring for his wife shared with me how his wife responded when the doctor told h ...

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