Hope and Inspiration

Adult daughter helping senior mother on a walker

No Need to Go It Alone

When my mom had major dental surgery, I thought I could manage her care without ...

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A winter starlit night

Silent Night, Sleepless Night

Moonlight peeks through the window blinds, streaking the shadows of my darkened room. I lie in be ...

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Caregiver smiling at senior woman

Wise Counsel

I got everything ready for Mom’s friend Kerry to help wit ...

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Woman sitting on a hill

A Complicated Gift

It was mid-morning, mid-COVID lockdown when my brother sent a text in our group chat: “I’m se ...

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Senior couple watching TV at home

The Gift of Giving

“Do you want a back rub or a foot rub?” I ask my husband, Jean-Claude, on one of his rare sic ...

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Family saying grace at dinner

The Art of Giving

The keeper of all things family, my mother. She planned the gatherings and celebrations and ...

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Senior couple holding hands

Still a Winner

My wife, Candy, and I play Scrabble five-plus nights a ...

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Sunrise in the mountain

Bright Moments

My mother-in-law sat at the kitchen table while I fixed dinner. Suffering with Alzheimer’s, she ...

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Strawberry cake

A Memorable Birthday

Veteran’s Day 1948 proved to be memorable for Mom—m ...

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Rocky cliff overlooking a river

Peace Like a River

“I’ve got peace like a river…” I sang softly, while sitting at the bedside of Janis, who ...

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Butterfly among summer flowers

That Lovely Word, Yes

My husband Kevin paused the player and grabbed his ringing phone. “Oh, dear. Yes, I understand. ...

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Senior woman watching TV

The Sound of Love

Mom couldn’t get around much after her hip operation, so I was staying with her day and night u ...

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Woman holding a mug by the window

In All Circumstances

Pretty tall order, I thought as I closed my daily devotional. I’d risen early, needing ...

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Women holding hands

A Day of Pampering

Holding tight to my mother, I carefully helped her out of the shower. I had bathed her and washed ...

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