Hope and Inspiration

Woman enjoying a sunset on a dock

When the Sun Goes Down

The sun was dipping lower in the graying sky. It was almost 6:15 p.m. and Mom was taking a brief ...

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Woman walking in a forest

Moving Through Loss

I continued on my brisk three-mile walk and wiped away ...

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Senior woman enjoying the outdoors

Tough Love

I hid Mom’s medicine organizer, hoping she wouldn’t notice it missing from the table beside h ...

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Adult daughter and senior father

Cast Your Worries Aside

This time, Dad had gone to the hospital for inexplicab ...

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Young and senior women smiling

Picture This

Cutting pictures from magazines seemed like a ridiculous thing for a middle-aged woman to do. I w ...

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Autumn pumpkins

Still Learning

Late every autumn my wife, Candy, can’t bear to discard the ...

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Tree under a starry sky

Don’t Fret What’s Not There

“I know they’re not really there,” my mom said, scratching the edge of the hospital bed. ...

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Young woman holding on to a bible

God-given Strength

Standing on a street corner in downtown Pittsburgh, I made a desperate call to my mom. “I don ...

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Woman walking outdoors

Keep Moving

I turned our downstairs into a track. No, I didn’t put down polyurethane or paint lines on the ...

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Mother and daughter looking out a window

Two Equals One

“I don’t have to go,” Mom protested as my sister, a nurse, escorted her to the bathroom, ex ...

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Two female friends

God’s Abiding Presence

“Hey, you around?” I texted my friend Jennifer, who was also my manager at the store ...

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Woman holding her hands over her heart

Putting Things in Perspective

“I’m ready,” my mother called from her room. “Fold your blanket. I’ll be ther ...

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A pair of hands doing a puzzle

Am I Wasting My Time?

While I was fixing supper, my wife, Candy, was in her recliner working on ...

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Senior woman praying at home

Stop the Stigma

The theater lights came up and my husband smiled as the credits rolled. Even though he had been ...

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