Hope and Inspiration

Content woman outdoors

Good Samaritan

My sister, Barb, is a natural-born caregiver. She staye ...

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Adult daughter and senior father

A New Reality

Mom asked if I might come back home for a while to help her take care of Dad. She couldn’t miss ...

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Smiling woman standing in front of colorful tiles

The Beauty of Unexpected Colors

A year and a half after having been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my wife’s ...

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Mother and daughter smelling flowers

A Change of Routine

When I came into her room, my three-year-old granddaughter Zoë’s eyes grew wide. “Is it time ...

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Senior couple talking

Lean Back and Listen

I was on a tear, my creativity soaring like the birds I watch all day long. As my husband, Lee, w ...

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Sunbeams shining over mountains

Light in the Darkness

“I must light the Shabbat candles,” Mom said on the ...

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Knitting hands

Knitting Happiness

About 35 years ago, my mother started a family tradition ...

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Woman hugging senior mother

Staying by Her Side

The day that my mother no longer recognized me was even harder than I had imagined. As ...

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Three female friends smiling


"Let me know if there is anything I can do to help Aunt Lucille,” my cousin Leona said. ...

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Family saying grace at dinner

Honoring the Days

I had just finished setting the plates and silverware around my mother’s big oak table. Sh ...

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Woman helping older woman out of the car

Making the Right Call

My fiercely independent, fiery-tempered, elderly aunt loved zipping around Los Angeles in her con ...

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Woman looking upward towards the sky

When Only a Word Will Do

My homebound patient, Imogene, was nearing the end of her s ...

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Dog sniffing a flower

Unconditional Love

Dad was forever bringing home every stray animal left ab ...

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Stairs on an upward path

Walking Each Other Home

Mom and I were getting ready for bed. Dad was away at a conference. “I need to go hom ...

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