Hope and Inspiration

Caregiver listening to senior woman

Asking for Help

I pulled two house dresses from Mom’s closet. “Which one?” I asked her. “The re ...

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Serene woman holding a rosary


I called out as I let myself into Mom’s apartment. I set her groceries on the kitchen table. Mo ...

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Woman writing in notebook

Dear Diary

May 30, 1960. Dear Diary, today my daddy came home from his work trip to Indiana. He brought me t ...

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Rushes by the water

Missing Pieces

When Mom started losing everything from letters to gift cards, I remained patient. I figured when ...

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Trees grown together

In the Spirit of Love

Every three months, John and his wife Peaches arrived at my V.A. Infectious Disease clinic for ...

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Woman smiling in the sunlight

Little Things Mean a Lot

It’s all the little things that our loved ones need that seem to be the hardest things to do so ...

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Thoughtful woman standing in her doorway

One of Those Days

I dropped the laundry basket and rushed toward our dog, Beethoven, who was relieving himself by t ...

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Senior woman reading her Bible

Growing Old with Grace

Everyone called her Aunt Edna. She was born 14 years after ...

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Silhouette of a sad woman

Taking Heed

“I think you are depressed.” My doctor’s words sh ...

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Woman writing in notebook

Lifting Us Up

“I’m useless!” Mom cried in frustration. The ones we care for often feel useless ...

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Family and friends saying a prayer before dinner

The Way Things Used to Be

For the last several years, my husband, Tim, has lived with ...

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Clasped hands

A Compassion Above and Beyond

It was the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the early ’80s. I was performing a sterile procedu ...

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Thoughtful woman

You Are Enough

There’s a whole lot of work when a severe illness strikes. Suddenly you’re taking crash cours ...

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Father walking with his children


One summer our family headed to Seattle to help move my mother-in-law, Stevie, into an ...

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