5 Free Helpful Apps for Caregivers

These mobile applications provide tools and information to improve the lives of caregivers and their loved ones.


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Struggling to juggle the logistics and demands of caregiving? You’re not alone. Research from the University of California, San Francisco, has demonstrated that the stress of family caregiving can cause premature aging by deteriorating cells. 

Using tools to keep track of and distribute caregiving responsibilities among friends and family can be an important tool for providing the best care for your loved one—and combating caregiver burnout. Here are a few free apps designed to help caregivers:

1. CareZone

CareZone is particularly useful for managing the medical side of caregiving. The app is great for keeping track of medication schedules. It allows users to scan in photographs of medications, set up reminders for appointments and refills, and even has a home delivery option for prescriptions. Available on the IOS App Store and Google Play.

2. MindLight

Designed by and for caregivers, MindLight allows you to invite everyone involved in your loved one’s care to join a shared calendar. You can then create shared to-do lists, recurring tasks and post updates for the entire team. Available for IOS and Google Play.

3. Care.ly

Care.ly was created to “improve the family care experience.” Users create a “care circle” with a shared calendar and common space to post updates and questions. It also has capabilities to organize and track doctor’s visits, as well articles with general caregiving information. Available on the IOS App Store and Google Play.

4. Caring Village

Caring Village allows users to create a share-able care calendar and wellness journal for their loved one. One of the most useful features is the ability to upload important medical and financial documents that you can then access through the app at anytime. It also has messaging capabilities and the ability to create personalized permissions for each member in the care team. Available on the IOS App Store and Google Play.

5. Dementia Talk

Looking for tools to help with the care for someone with dementia? Dementia Talk is a one-stop shop for tracking the behaviors of your loved one. The app has features for scheduling, medication lists and a behavior care plan. It also has a “caregiver corner” with self-care advice, information and other resources for caregivers. Available on the IOS App Store and Google Play.

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