5 Websites and Online Classes for Caregivers

These webinars and videos offer professional tips to improve the lives of caregivers and their loved ones. 

Posted in , Aug 16, 2019

These webinars and videos offer tips to improve the lives of caregivers and their loved ones.

There’s no how-to guide when it comes to caregiving, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of resources for families embarking on this challenging journey. Technology is making it easier than ever to properly care for loved ones in the later stages of life by offering virtual learning centers and spaces for caregivers to ask questions, get answers and share their own stories. 

We’ve rounded up a handful of websites that offer e-learning courses—webinars, tutorials and listening sessions. These resources provide the tools for caregivers to look after their loved ones—and themselves.

These classes can be taken in the comfort of your own home, for little to no cost. The courses cover a wide variety of topics, from understanding the effects of dementia to fall prevention techniques, how to manage medications and activities you can enjoy with the family member you’re looking after. 

Alzheimer’s Association Care Training

What they offer: 

The Alzheimer’s Association offers free to low-cost online courses targeted specifically to family caregivers whose loved ones are battling dementia and other forms of memory loss. Their care training e-learning workshop covers a variety of topics unique to this facet of caregiving, including effective communication strategies and how caregivers can navigate the different stages of Alzheimer’s. 

Where to find it:


Family Caregiver Alliance Learning Center

What they offer:

The Family Caregiver Alliance is part of the National Center on Caregiving and they offer an entire hub of webinars, listening sessions, brochures and in-person meetings in their Learning Center. The classes and materials are offered in five different languages, including Spanish, Chinese and Korean, and they cover everything from basic bathing and dressing techniques to dental care and how to proof your home so that it's safe for those with dementia. They also post webinars on their YouTube channel for easy streaming.

Where to find it:


Caregiver Action Toolbox

What they offer: 

The Caregiver Action Network is one of the nation’s leading family caregiving organizations. Besides connecting caregivers and offering a host of resources and up-to-date information on issues in the caregiving space, the site also has a Family Caregiver Toolbox where visitors can access webinars and instructional videos on topics like managing medication, interacting with medical professionals and financing the cost of home caregiving. 

Where to find it:


Home Sweet Home Care’s Family Caregiver Education

What they offer: 

This Virginia-based organization not only offers caregiving services to the greater community but through a partnership with the Institute for Professional Education, Home Sweet Home Care Inc. created free caregiving courses for non-professionals and family members preparing to take this next step. These videos address concerns that new and established caregivers face, educating visitors on everything from fall prevention to common choking hazards and how to create a calming environment for those with dementia. 

Where to find it:


MMLearn Training Course

What they offer:

Mmlearn.org was created to provide training for prospective professional caregivers by the Elizabeth McGown Training Institute. The program now has over 300 online training videos available. The good news is that even if you aren’t a professional, you can still get plenty from these tutorials. From discussions with physicians and attorneys to vaccination schedules and combating loneliness in seniors, the videos are packed with insights from top professionals in the caregiving space. 

Where to find it:



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