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An aging woman stretching indoors; Getty Images

How to Tailor Exercises for a Loved One Who Has Dementia

Limited physical activity offers important benefits to older adults who live with cognitive impairment.

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A woman helping an elderly woman up the staircase; Getty Images

Conditions and Illnesses That Can Lead to Falls

When you understand these medical risk factors, you can support your older loved one avoid an injury.

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Schedule time on a calendar; Getty Images

4 Strategies to Better Manage Your Time

You have a lot to juggle as a caregiver, but things can go more smoothly with a little reorganization.

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A woman dealing with stress; Getty Images

Understanding Caregiver Stress Syndrome

When the demands of caregiving affect you on all fronts, it’s important to seek help.

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A man doing an indoor yoga class; Getty Images

Healthy Aging: Boost Your Nutritional and Physical Fitness

Even small exercise and diet changes can significantly impact older adults.

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A woman cutting vegeatbles in her kitchen; Getty Images

Clearing Hurdles to a Nutritious Diet

These 6 tips will help older adults meet their nutritional needs.

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A woman exercising with her dog; Getty Images

The Value of Stress Reduction in Fighting Heart Disease

Diet and exercise are not the only important factors to consider for your heart health.

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A heart with a stethoscope; Getty Images

February is Dedicated to Heart Health

During American Heart Month, healthcare professionals can both teach and model disease prevention.

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A caregiver hugs an aging loved one.

Ambiguous Loss: Grieving a Loved One Who Is Physically Present but Mentally or Emotionally Impaired

Support and self-kindness can help caregivers to process this unique form of grief.

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A woman taking her daily walk outdoors.

5 Ways to Fight Back Against Caregiver Loneliness

Staying connected and active can combat isolation and its negative health impacts.

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A woman at her workplace talking to a co-worker.

Juggling Two Jobs: Your Career and Your Parent’s Care

Opening up to your boss about your workplace needs as a caregiver can help you strike a good balance.

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An older man undergoes walking physical therapy with guidance.

5 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Loved One from Falling

 Alzheimer's and dementia can lead to falls, and potentially serious injuries, but there are ways to keep your loved one safer.

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Three friends having coffee together in a cafe.

4 Ways to Avoid Becoming Isolated as a Caregiver

Detaching from others can take a serious emotional toll on caregivers, so it's key to stay connected.

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An older woman grocery shopping on a budget.

5 Ways to Assist An Older Adult with Budgeting

Cutting back on unnecessary expenses can help protect your loved one from financial harm.

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