Young woman praying

Turning Worries into Prayers

“Why won’t she pick up?” All morning I had been calling Mom in the rehab center. Apparently ...

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Two women laughing

Um . . .

I stared at the menu in front of me, thinking of all the work to be done at home. We still had an ...

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Clasped hands

Unexpected Consolation

From the ledge next to the hospital room’s huge window, I could see Baltimore’s skyscape. The ...

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Group of people holding hands

A Room Full of Love

My wife, Candy, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after musical hallucinations prompted her to wan ...

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Two female friends smiling

Lessons Learned

While taking care of my family, I’d find myself wishing for more time in my day to get things d ...

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Adult son and senior father walking outside

Long-Haul Caregiving

I looked over the calendar for the month. Several doctor’s appointments were upcoming for my hu ...

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Woman hugging her senior father

Strength for the Journey

“Hold it, please.” I rushed to open the car door for my father when we parked. Oper ...

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Woman enjoying the outdoors

Feeling Needed

I pasted a bright smile on my face as I entered my mother’s room at the rehab facility. I could ...

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Choir singing


The ICU is not often a happy place. It’s quiet, and somber and lonely. There is ...

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Woman reading a bible while drinking coffee

Read to Me

On a recent afternoon, I sat in my rocking chair having my ...

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Sunlight on open hands

Party of Three

This morning was my husband Terry’s day for his weekly cancer treatment. Although it was for th ...

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Praying hands near a bible

Trusting in Trust

“You have an advanced lung disease. It’s incurable,” the pulmonologist told my husband, Ral ...

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Heavenly beams among clouds

All Things Are Possible

I don’t think my mother-in-law will be with us much longe ...

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Young woman looing upward towards the sky

On a Wing and a Prayer

Mom’s hospital caseworker didn’t mince words. “Your m ...

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