Worried woman

Asking for What You Need

“Where’s my dad?” I said to the nurse in the Cardiac ICU. “He should be out by now.” ...

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Woman holding a birthday cake

The Unexpected Birthday Party

My grandmother, whom everyone called Mom, sat hunched in a kitchen chair, the lump on her back fr ...

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Chocolate chip cookies

The Ministry of the Cookie Lady

My wife, Sandra, and I were caring for Florence, my mother-in-law. I was feeling helpless and fru ...

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Woman standing alone by a lake

What If . . . ?

“What if Mike and I get into an accident?” I asked my friend Julie over the phone. ...

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Woman lifting hands up towards the sky

Exercising Our Faith

From the spot at the pulleys at my physical therapy facility, I watched transfixed as the woman m ...

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Freshly picked harvest

Spiritual Fruit

I stopped at a market to buy my elderly mother produce. ...

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Man praying at sunset

A Break with the Past

After my wife, Candy, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, ...

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Flowers over a gate

The Wall

There was a wall between my father-in-law, Dale, and me. A former Army officer, Dale was used to ...

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Hand pointing remote control towards TV

Final Jeopardy

My mother, her body ravaged by pancreatic cancer, wanted to come home to die. Instead of a steril ...

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Jesus extending his hand

In God’s Hands

It was 3:00 pm, and I was anxious. The doctor still hadn’t sent an important prescription to th ...

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Man standing on a large rock

Waiting for His Voice

Radiation hadn’t helped. Before the surgeon removed the cancer in Dad’s throat, the family st ...

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Sunset on a lake

Touches of Heaven

My mother had taken a bad fall, which brought on severa ...

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Sleeping puppy

Pawprints All Over Our Hearts

My husband Jerry’s ability to communicate gradually diminished as his dementia progressed. It b ...

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Caregiver smiling at senior woman

Her World

The heat of her house? Stifling. The dust? Impenetrable. The creaking and groaning of floors? A t ...

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