Two people hugging

Avoid Regrets

Everybody has regrets after a loved one has passed away; words they should have said and those th ...

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Rainy window


My aunt stared at the broken bay window in defeat. My grandmother, who was suffering from Alzheim ...

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Edward Grinnan and Gracie

Memory Loss and the Power of Prayer

In the months of sharing fears about dementia, a ray of hope.

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Flowers on a mountainside

All Made in God’s Image

Human beings, made in God’s image, are all worth honoring. The word “honor” means to “tre ...

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Wooded path

Walking the Path of a Caregiver

Last year while visiting my brother, Dean, I did a two-mile walk to raise funds for Alzheimer’s ...

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An elderly man walking with his caregiver; Getty Images

Where to Turn After Your Loved One is Diagnosed with Dementia

Once the condition is confirmed, you can begin to find support and process your feelings.

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Close of a elderly woman's hands on top of a cane; Getty Images

How to Spot Elder Abuse and What to Do If It Occurs

The first step is to learn about the 7 types of abuse that can affect older adults.

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Clasped hands

Comforting Others

I worked with a woman whose daughter suffered from a condition that was painful and difficult to ...

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Concerned man looking out the window

Forgetting and Remembering

Frank was one of the most attentive husbands I had ever met. For two years, ...

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Two female friends

Asking and Seeking

“It’s been so hard lately…” The late afternoon sun cast long shadows over my friend Lilly ...

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Worried senior woman

Finding the Right Fit

My mother-in-law, Bernice, was a dynamo. A homemaker widowed at the age of 49, she took over the ...

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Purple flowers

Taking on the Right Tasks

We came back to the house my father-in-law had shared with his wife for 50 years. After the funer ...

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Senior couple holding hands

It Takes a Team

Since my diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, I’ve tried to keep up with speaking engagements a ...

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Woman enjoying the sunrise

Keeping Perspective

My mother, a retired nurse, lay in a hospital bed not long after knee-replacement surgery. ...

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