Senior couple holding hands

It Takes a Team

Since my diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, I’ve tried to keep up with speaking engagements a ...

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Woman enjoying the sunrise

Keeping Perspective

My mother, a retired nurse, lay in a hospital bed not long after knee-replacement surgery. ...

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Couple holding hands

Not Giving Up on Someone

When I was in college, my boyfriend, Peter, majored in art, specializing in ceramics. In our seni ...

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Pensive woman looking out a window


My mother lives in a memory care unit. I visit frequently ...

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An aging woman stretching indoors; Getty Images

How to Tailor Exercises for a Loved One Who Has Dementia

Limited physical activity offers important benefits to older adults who live with cognitive impairment.

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Senior man and woman praying together

Better Than Friends

Right after my mother’s open-heart surgery, my father ...

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Adult woman and senior mother

Helping the Helper

I called Mother and could hear the exhaustion and frustration in her voice. She had never complai ...

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Woman helping older woman out of the car

Knowing When to Take Control

My mother-in-law didn’t drive great distances. She made two trips a week on country roads withi ...

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Peaceful woman outdoors

God Is Doing a New Thing!

My husband was diagnosed with schizophrenia when our four daughters were all under the age of eig ...

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Mother and daughter hugging

Making Time for Everybody

I was helping my mother put her meds for the week in her pill organizer when my cell phone rang. ...

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Strawberry cake

Sweet Refuge

“I’m just not hungry,” my mother-in-law said. The che ...

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Happy couple eating ice cream

Make Every Day a Celebration!

When visiting Mom at her memory care center, I sometimes see ...

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Worried man

Striving for Patience

If you are a caregiver, then you know better than most how ...

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Woman praying in her bedroom

We Have a Plan

“This food tastes funny,” I say to my husband, Jean-Claude. “Here let me try it, ...

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