Thoughtful woman standing in her doorway

Letting Go

I knew my daughter Danielle would be okay, but would I? Danielle had told me about her ...

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Smiling woman enjoying the outdoors

Smiling the Smile

“Here! Put this up. And get me a drink!” Mom said a little more harshly than I hoped she mean ...

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Senior man smiling

Bringing the Sweetness to Life

When I was a child, one of the best things about visiting m ...

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Autumn road surrounded by trees

Life’s Storms

I can bend, but I won’t break! This became my mantra after reading about how palm trees have th ...

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An adult woman and her senior mother walk along a beach

5 Ways to Move Past Caregiver Denial

It’s not easy to accept that a loved one is dealing with dementia. From educating yourself to hiring respite care, here is how to come to terms with a difficult diagnosis.

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Hands together; Getty Images/iStock Photo

A Divine Nudge Healed This Mother-Daughter Relationship

How an inexplicable urge to return to her hometown mended her difficult relationship with her mother.

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Colorful autumn leaves by a lake

Necessary Transitions

“After two years, I was screaming inside my head. That’s when I finally knew it was time for ...

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Flowers by a window

Beauty Spots

My mother-in-law Stevie encouraged me to buy a painting. The gold frame held an image of a baby g ...

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Person laying bricks out

Your Strengths May Become Your Weaknesses

My husband, Bob, stood there, angry and immobile. The load of free bricks I was collecting for ou ...

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Jesus stretching out his hand

Walk to Jesus

“It’s important to keep your mother active between my home visits,” my mom’s ...

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Sunrise in the mountain

Happiness in the Past or in the Present

All in all, my mom is still pretty with it. We only saw hin ...

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Couple lighting sprinklers for 2022 New Year's Eve; Getty Images

New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers

Two psychotherapists offer suggestions to honor the year you’ve had and move forward with fresh resolve.

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Child holding a flower

A Life Lesson of Compassion

When my grandfather moved in with us when our two sons were babies, I didn’t give much consider ...

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Smiling woman enjoying the outdoors

I’m Just Fine

“How’s Herb?” people would ask me when we’d meet on the street. I was evasive. ...

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