A church is so much more than a building, it's a vibrant community where believers come together to bring faith to life.
Actress Cheryl Ladd
Stories of Faith

Guideposts Classics: Cheryl Ladd on Looking Upward in Faith

In this story from October 1994, the Charlie's Angels star recalls how her faith impacts her love of golf—and, occasionally, vice versa.

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Woman in church
Prayer Stories

When You Don’t Want to Go to Church

In the middle of a deep and awful anger, finding that worship can soften a hard heart.

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Heavenly Bodies at the Cloisters
Stories of Faith

Dresses at the Cloisters—Bringing Holy Art Alive

In a Met Museum exhibit, top-end designers like Dior, Chanel, Galliano and Balenciaga seem to gaze up at God.

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Bishop Michael Curry to speak at Royal Wedding

The American Preacher at the Royal Wedding

In an inspired choice, Bishop Michael Curry to speak at wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Dancer, singer and actress Ann Reinking

How Ann Reinking Helped Her Son with Marfan Syndrome Feel Accepted

As a child, dancer, singer and actress Ann Reinking found comfort and inspiration at church, but would her new congregation in New York City be willing to accept her son for who he was?

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Singing in church
Power of Prayer

Recapture the Art and Blessing of the Doxology

The Bible is filled with doxologies, and they can all be added to your prayer life.

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How do you appear to others?
Inspiring Stories

What Do You Really Look Like?

How we see ourselves and how others see us can be a mile apart. But it’s how God sees us that matters.

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How to pray for your pastor
Power of Prayer

8 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor

If you want a great church and a strong spiritual life, here's the best way to make that happen.

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Prayer meeting
Pray Effectively

My Kind of Prayer Meeting

This pastor hated prayer meetings. Until…

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Bread of life
People Helping People

Advent: The Bread of Life

Help, hope, comfort, reassurance, food for the long journey of life.

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