A church is so much more than a building, it's a vibrant community where believers come together to bring faith to life.
Kathleen often performs at Saint John the Divine Cathedral in New York City.

The Divine Gift of Music

Heaven and its angels never felt so close as when she sang the St. Matthew Passion.

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A hooded merganser duck. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
God's Grace

Divine Appointments

An encounter with merganser ducks is just what the Lord had in mind.

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A soldier in camouflage fatigues reads the Holy Bible.
Military Outreach Stories

A Hero's Welcome: How to Become a Veteran-Friendly Congregation

Returning veterans don't always know where to turn for assistance, comfort and support. Here are some ways your church can help.

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A woman treading water in the ocean gazes at a distant lighthouse.
God's Grace

Survival Mode

She’d been in the water for seven hours. The lighthouse was her only hope. Almost.

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Drawing by Paul Soupiset
How to Pray

An Artful Journey Through Lent

Discover the Lenten sketchbooks of Paul Soupiset and have a prayer focus for each day.

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Singer Peggy Lee
Power of Prayer

Guideposts Classics: Peggy Lee on the Power of Prayer

In this story from June 1954, singer Peggy Lee shares how the prayers of friends and strangers from different backgrounds strengthened her faith.

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Cuddling couple, Guideposts

5 Tips to Spiritually Spice Up Your Marriage

Restore the passion in your marriage with these biblical tips

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A couple dancing. Photo by tetmc, Thinkstock.
Positive Living

A Time for Dancing | Guideposts

Before the penitential season of Lent begins, let's cut a rug a la Fred Astaire.

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Shawnelle in the snow.


The wonder of a snowy Sunday morning outdoors moves a mother's soul.

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Edward Grinnan and Millie.
Positive Thinking

Two of a Kind

A hectic, cold, wintery week brightened by two positive thinkers.

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