A church is so much more than a building, it's a vibrant community where believers come together to bring faith to life.
Annie Lobert
Emotional and Mental Health

Redeemed on the Vegas Strip

Sex-trafficking survivor Annie Lobert shares how God’s love healed her and led her to minister to other victims in the industry

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Natalie Grant
Movies and TV

A New Kind of Matchmaker

Natalie Grant's Christian dating show It Takes a Church is helping singles to find love. 

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Five roses in a porcelain cup
People Helping People

A Rose for the Pastor

Sometimes God urges us to do the strangest things...

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An abandoned church in Cades Cove, TN.

Spiritual Roots That Last

At an abandoned church in the Great Smokey Mountains, you can still sense God's presence.

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Baptism. Photo: Thinkstock.

Celebrate the Godkids

It goes without saying that whenever you bless someone, you are doubly blessed.

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Nurse resting. Thinkstock.
How to Pray

10 'Breath Prayers'

When you can't stop in a church or kneel, these short, simple prayers can be spoken in a single breath.

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A dust mop. Thinkstock.

Worried About a Little Dust

Don't let household perfection stop you from inviting people over for fellowship and a meal.

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Two friends talking. Photo by Werner Images, Thinkstock.

Two Imperfect Women

Serving the Lord in the middle of lives that aren't neat and tidy

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Rick's son Timothy and a soup kitchen volunteer.
People Helping People

The Soup Kitchen Chef

A son whose Fridays and Saturdays are devoted to others.

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Woman's hands cupping a candle. Photo by Goo Dween123, Thinkstock.

Walking as a Woman of Faith

There’s no situation so dank and deep that the Lord’s presence can’t shine through.

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