An Angel Broke His Fall

An Angel Broke His Fall

She saw her newborn son fall as she prepared to feed him. Would he escape harm?

An artist's rendering of an infant in a glowing white baby carrier

All pregnancies have their ups and downs, but I’d experienced more than my share of downs—early contractions, blood clots, mandatory bed rest, plus a difficult delivery on top of all that. It seemed worth it now that I held my firstborn in my arms, my husband dozing in the visitor’s chair.

I was exhausted too, but baby Kalin was hungry. I set him down on the bed while I prepared to nurse him. In a split second, Kalin slipped to the floor!

I screamed. Kalin howled. My husband jumped up to cradle him. The nurses took Kalin to be examined in another room.

“Oh, no!” I cried. God had protected Kalin through so much and now I’d let him get hurt.

A few minutes later the nurse returned with a peaceful Kalin in her arms. “Not so much as a bruise,” she said, handing him to me. “I can’t understand it. It’s like he fell onto a cushion!”

Or an angel’s wing, I thought.

God was still protecting Kalin—and he always would.


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