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Erica Group DeLand Wings

Florida Artist Gives Everyone a Chance to Be an Angel

Erica Group's heavenly piece of artwork on the side of a local newspaper building is giving people an opportunity to earn their wings. 

heavenly sign to pursue her dream

A Heavenly Sign to Pursue Her Dream Job

I’d heard about people asking God for a sign, but I’d never done it myself.

The story behind "An Angel Named Bill" which appeared in Angels on Earth magazine

The Story behind ‘An Angel Named Bill'

How a story about an angel escorting an elderly mom to heaven came to be published in Angels on Earth.

Summer delights, including summer pie recipes, from Angels on Earth magazine.

Angel Highlights for July and August

Summer is a season, online and off, of delightful sounds, tastes and sights–as well as comfort

An opportunity to act like an angel.

An Emerging Angel?

You may think you’re no angel. But you never know when you’ll be given the chance to act like one.

Ricci with her youngest daughter, Bree

One More Gift from God

She thought she was through having children, but He knew otherwise...

An artist's rendering of an angel with a banjo

An Angel Named Bill

He remained an invisible mystery to her, but to her mother, he was a vivid presence.

Billboard in Times Square honoring Bretagne the dog and her handler, Denise Corliss. Photo by BarkPost.

The Intimacy of an Unexpected Moment

Everyday encounters that turn into something wondrous 

Angel on a train brightens a morning commute.

Angel on a Train

A quick exchange with a stranger brightens a morning commute.

Send Angels on Earth magazine your story about seeing an angel.

A Fresh Face at Angels on Earth

A new editorial assistant is eager to hear your angel stories.