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Features About Angels

A doctor, a man of science, receives proof that angels exist.

Proof of Angels

How one man of science received some pretty compelling evidence for angels among us.

The dream of an angel's visit to a hospital bedside prompts the beginning of recovery.

The Angel's Reprieve

A sister dreams of an angel visiting her brother's hospital bedside–and recovery begins.

Angels on Earth editor Colleen Hughes hears from some of her favorite earth angels.

Angels Kind Enough to Write

Angels on Earth letters that warm the heart of the editor!

Did angels help this puppy find his way home?

When You Need to Find a Lost Puppy, Call an Angel

Angels surely guided my daughter to help this lost puppy find his way home.

An angel in a gray suit comforts a devastated man.

Angel in the Gray Suit

In this excerpt from Thin Places a devastated man is comforted by an angelic stranger.

Celebrate National be an Angel Day

10 Ways to Celebrate Be an Angel Day

Bring a little heaven to earth on National Be an Angel Day, August 22.

Our Angel Mothers Angels on Earth Magazine Cover

Our Angel Mothers

One essential thing brings two colleagues together.

Inspiring Summer Angel Quotations

Inspiring Summer Angel Quotes

Heavenly angel quotes to inspire you to take time to enjoy this blessed season and see God's messengers in your life.

A mockingbird from heaven

Mockingbirds from Heaven

A woman receives a message from heaven in this excerpt from Angels in Disguise.

A bright light in a hospital corridor.

Healed by Heavenly Angels

In this excerpt from Heavenly Company, a woman battling cancer is visited by angels.