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Features About Angels

An Angels on Earth reader supplies some timely advice for Guideposts blogger Colleen Hughes to share with her daughters.

A Gift from an Angels on Earth Reader

Gearing up for a parent/teacher conference, Colleen receives a kindly letter just in time.

Green sauce made from jalapenos brings back memories to Angels on Earth Colleen Hughes.

Angels and Green Sauce

The potency of jalapenos brings back some angelic memories.

Bible Verses About Angels

Bible Verses About Angels

Angels are mentioned over 100 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New Testament. Here are some favorite angelic scriptures about God's messengers.

A miracle on a New York City subway platform

A Crazy New York City Miracle

An iPhone, a subway track and, well, a miracle.

shooting star angel in the night sky

The Shooting Star Angel

I wanted a baby more than anything. Could the heavenly angels be listening?

Calling all Earth Angels! Angels on Earth editor Colleen Hughes is in a mild panic over a forgotten cell phone.

Calling All Earth Angels

Forgetting a cell phone causes a mild panic in our Angels on Earth editor!

A doctor, a man of science, receives proof that angels exist.

Proof of Angels

How one man of science received some pretty compelling evidence for angels among us.

The dream of an angel's visit to a hospital bedside prompts the beginning of recovery.

The Angel's Reprieve

A sister dreams of an angel visiting her brother's hospital bedside–and recovery begins.

Angels on Earth editor Colleen Hughes hears from some of her favorite earth angels.

Angels Kind Enough to Write

Angels on Earth letters that warm the heart of the editor!

Did angels help this puppy find his way home?

When You Need to Find a Lost Puppy, Call an Angel

Angels surely guided my daughter to help this lost puppy find his way home.